Key Features

Principal Users:

TurboPK puts survivability analysis into the hands of a wide variety of users, including:

  • Equipment designers
  • Warhead designers
  • Government Program Managers
  • Field test engineers
  • Safety analysts

Key Features and Options:

Using probability of kill (PK) as a design parameter, TurboPK can accommodate thousands of scenarios with interactive response times. Key features, options, and applications of the program include:

  • Optimization of warheads and armor
  • ActiveX automation interface (e.g., for use with MATLAB)
  • Single-shot fragment or projectile fields for:
    • PK
    • Required amount of rolled homogeneous armor (RHA)
    • Impact speed or mass on vulnerable components
  • Single-shot analysis
  • Point-burst studies
    • Rayleigh distributions (circular error probable [CEP])
    • Fixed height-of-burst (HOB)
    • Burst-point grid (mean area of effectiveness)
    • Single point-burst analysis
    • Batch operations
  • Blast overpressure estimation with PK
  • Personnel injury PK
  • Shaped charge PK.