Survivability Analysis For Design And Engineering

TurboPK puts survivability analysis into the hands of:

  • Equipment designers
  • Warhead designers
  • Field test engineers
  • Safety analysts
  • Direct-from-CAD geometry
  • Minimal input requirements
  • Uncluttered user interface
  • Easy to learn

Design to Pk requirements using thousands of scenarios with interactive response time:

  • Optimization: warheads, armor
  • Automation interface
  • Fully-operational survivability/vulnerability analysis program
  • Single-shot fragment or projectile fields for
    • Pk (probability-of-kill)
    • Required RHA
    • Impact speed, mass on vulnerable components
    • Single shot analysis
  • Point-burst studies
    • Rayleigh distributions
    • Fixed HOB
    • Burst point grid (Mean Area of Effectiveness)
    • Single shot analysis, batch operation
  • Blast overpressure estimation with Pk
  • Personnel injury
  • Shaped charge contributions